Our Fitness & Wellbeing Centres

Helping you achieve your fitness goals – and stay fit – is important to us. So, in partnership with Nuffield Health, Vodafone has arranged access for you to a range of Fitness & Wellbeing Centres.

You’ll notice plenty of postive benefits from exercising, including:

  • better physical fitness
  • improved mental health and general wellbeing
  • lower risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, high-cholesterol, diabetes and obesity
  • reduced levels of stress and anxiety
  • increased energy levels
  • better endurance and appearance
  • self-confidence boost

Triage health checks are available for you at our Fitness & Wellbeing Centres. To book a place, contact the Vodafone Wellbeing Team at vodafone@nuffieldhealth.com.