Fitness classes

Most people find that working out with a group is the most fun and motivational way to exercise. So we’ve arranged a timetable of over 20 popular fitness classes every week for you to choose from, catering for all exercise choices. To find out more about the classes, check out the class descriptions.

Our instructors are regularly trained to meet the needs of our members and you can try a range of classes for beginners and technique/taster sessions before attending a full class. You’ll find our instructors happy to give advice and support before, during and after each session.

To give all members the chance to book the classes they want, please note:

  • All classes must be booked in advance
  • Please don’t enter a class before or after it has started, without prior consent
  • If you’re unable to attend a class you’ve booked, please let the health club reception know so your booking can be released

Click here to view our class timetable

Class descriptions

Body Attack – A cardiovascular interval training programme that combines high intensity aerobics, strength and stabilisation exercises. A highly motivated class.

Body Balance – A dynamic combination of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi designed to improve muscular strength, flexibility and mobility. Body balance invigorates and tones your body whilst releasing tension and promoting relaxation.

Body Combat – A high-intensity total body workout combining moves and stances taken from a wide range of self-defence disciplines to have you fighting fit in no time. (A technique session must be completed prior to attending a Body Combat class.)

Body Pump – A non-impact resistance training programme utilising barbells and adjustable weights. (A technique session must be completed prior to attending a Body Pump class.)

Boxercise – Combines the circuit format with boxing training moves to give you a fantastic total body workout. This class involves some contact (pads and gloves). It will bring out the Rocky in you!

Calorie Killer – The clue is in the title! A circuit based class with various stations combining weights, cardio and abdominal exercises designed to give you the maximum calorie burn in one session.

Core & More – Strengthen your core muscles and mobilise the spine, to help keep the back pain free. (May not be suitable for those with existing back problems – please speak to the instructor if in doubt.)

LBT – A basic aerobic warm-up followed by plenty of exercises that will help you strengthen and shape those problem areas of legs, bums and tums.

Pilates – Designed to improve body awareness focusing on co-ordination, alignment and posture. It aims to strengthen and lengthen the muscles and addresses any muscle imbalances, while releasing unnecessary tension and improving concentration.

Spin 30 – In a rush, a 30-minute blast on the spin bike, a shower and you’re done. A cycle-based class for all abilities.

Spin 45 – Incorporating varying intensities to improve your cardiovascular fitness and to give you the ultimate cardio workout. A 45-minute cycle-based class for all abilities.

Spin 60 – 45 minutes not enough for you? Then get yourself on to Spin 60 – those extra 15 minutes can make all the difference.

Spin + – Spinning with a little extra added on! Your favourite class combined with a circuit style workout added on working all the major muscle groups.

Zumba – A Latin inspired fitness class, Zumba combines fitness and fun, using almost every muscle in the body as you shimmy shake and stomp your way fit.